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Segway miniLITE

Have fun in style!

Go places on your self-balancing Segway miniLITE! Meet Segway riders in your neighbourhood by using the Ninebot by Segway App. Join the competition, see how you rank and learn how you can improve. The miniLITE’s knee-control bar allows you to steer easily and precise. Are you a fearless rider? Stand out and be safe with the customizable colourful LED lights.

- Weight : 12.5 kg
- Dimension : 548 mm x 263 mm x 590 mm
- Max Speed : 16 km/h
- Max Distance : 18 km
- 1 Year Warranty

Segway miniPRO

Being there is what matters

Be adventurous and reach out to places you haven't been before. Go places you wouldn't believe were inside your reach. Discover the advantages of the miniPRO's knee control bar and keep improving.

- Max Distance : 30 km
- Max Speed : 18 km/h
- Learning Time : 3 minutes
- 1 Year Warranty

Segway miniPLUS

Your most loyal follower

The exclusive high-tech Segway miniPLUS is structurally re-engineered for maximum functionality. This one really gets you going, even when you're not riding it. Just take out the remote control from the integrated storage compartment, turn on the Follow Mode and have your vehicle follow you independently every step of the way. It's almost like having your own personal robot!

- Weight : 16.3 kg
- Dimension : 577 mm x 280 mm x 620 mm
- Max Speed : 20 km/h
- Max Distance : 35 km
- 1 Year Warranty

Segway miniPLUS
Segway miniPRO
Segway miniLITE
Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES1
Ninebot by Segway ONE S2
Ninebot by Segway ONE A1

1 Year Warranty

For every purchases through Segway Ninebot Thailand Authorized Stores

Official Segway-Certified Service Center in Thailand

Be assured with comprehensive after-sales service from Segway Ninebot Thailand Service Center even after the warranty period

International Quality

All Segway and Ninebot products are IP54 and UL2272 certified because your safety is our number one priority

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES1

Foldable light-weight companion

The all new Segway Ninebot KickScooter Series is a high-quality range of electric kickscooters with a lightweight aircraft grade aluminum alloy one-push folding frame. The many built-in hidden features allow their design to be unique in its cleanness. Simply push off and enjoy effortless traveling.

- Weight : 11.3 kg
- Dimension : 1020 mm x 430 mm x 1130 mm
- Max Speed : 20 km/h
- Max Distance : 25 km
- 1 Year Warranty

Ninebot by Segway ONE S2/A1

Be You Wherever You Want To Go

The ONE S2/A1 not just a means of transport, it's quite something else than your regular hoverboard. Think extreme sports and hit the pavement at high speed. Take on your competition.

- Battery : 2 packs (S2) 1 pack (A1)
- Weight : 11.4 kg (S2) 10.5 kg (A1)
- Size: 448 x 419 x 182 mm (S2/A1)
- Max Speed : 24 km/h (S2) 18 km/h (A1)
- Max Distance : 30 km (S2) 15 km (A1)
- Learning Time : Approximately 20 hours
- 1 Year Warranty

Ninebot by Segway Elite

A Pioneer In Smart Solution

An Innovative, Short Distance Travel Option. The Segway Ninebot Elite+ features a simple and elegant design that delivers easy and convenient electric personal transportation. Riding is effortless, allows riders to avoid traffic jams and is also far faster and much more fun than walking. In addition, the unit is affordable, green and can be charged at any standard electrical outlet.

- Weight : ~23.5 kg
- Dimension : 390*586*1228 mm (adjustable handle bar)
- Max Speed : ~20 km/h
- Max Distance : 20 km
- Wireless Remote Controller : 2 pieces
- Charging Time : 3-4 hours
- Connected to Segway Application
- 1 Year Warranty

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